Reviews from our Customers
Rave reviews on all the jams! The Apple Pie jam is just like apple pie in a jar! The Strawberry, Cranberry, Jalapeño was a favorite! The fudge is amazing and everyone is convinced, with the right marketing, you will be the next big name in the food industry!
Cindy R.  Birmingham, Alabama

Everything is so delicious! All of the fudge is so decadent. The peanut butter Fudge in particular doesn't last longer than a day around me. The jams are all so good as well. My favorites were the apple pie, strawberry, and the strawberry cranberry jalapeño.
Logan R. New York, New York

Bought a jar of your Apple Butter and after trying it on biscuits for breakfast, I sat and ate the rest of the jar, it was that good.  Wish I had purchased more than one jar, so next time will defiantly buy the bigger jar.  Best apple butter I ever had.  
Susan D. Jenks, Oklahoma

​I do not like pecan pie, I never have, but after being dared to try a bite of what was described to me as "the best pie ever", I gave in and did take a bite. I confess, I am a convert now. I loved this pie. Not exactly sure what magical ingredient she puts in to them, but Cloverleaf Baking Co, you have a fan of your pecan pie.  
J. Brown. Ramona, OK

​"Jennifer, I had your fritters at the Mendota Sweet Corn Festival and I have to tell you that I have NEVER gone back for seconds for any fair food on the same day. I actually bought 2 additional orders from you to take home with me, they were amazing! I had no idea what a fritter even was, but it is my new favorite food. Hope to see you there next year".
Wendy B. Ottawa, Illinois

"Thank you Cloverleaf for introducing a new food into my life.  I bet you thought I was a moron when I asked you what in the world was a fritter but now I don't know if I can go without them.  I had the peach and the pina colada and they were terrific, if you sold them online I'd order them every week."

Madison, Morris, Illinois

"Jennifer, I can't begin to thank you for the wonderful job you did in catering my special event.  All of my friends are still talking about the delicious food.  Especially the brisket, not sure what you did to it, but it was amazing.  People keep asking me to get the recipe from you, although I am sure you wouldn't give it away.  And the desserts were simply amazing, nothing was left over at all, much to my dismay, I was hoping for something just for myself at the end of the party.  I can't wait til you cater my next event.  You are amazing!!" 

Juanita J. Highland Park

" I hosted my daughter in law's baby shower and ordered cupcakes and cake pops from Cloverleaf, they were absolutely amazing, everyone was asking what bakery I got them from.  Jennifer did a great job and they were the best cupcakes I have ever had! " 
Paula S, Harvard, IL

"I love Jen's cookies, I could eat eleventy hundred of them"
Shawn (6 yrs old), Princeton, MN

"I have had Jennifer cater several of my events now and her cupcakes and cakepops always get rave reviews, I have referred her to everyone I know and I hope she has the time for all the work I am sending her way."
Veronica D, Highland Park, IL


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