Our Menu of Whoopie Pies
​Chocolate Classic 
Rich, dark chocolate cake shells with light, fluffy cream filling. Totally addictive.

Our moist whoopie cake with the flavors of ginger and molasses will bring back wonderful childhood memories of the treasured holiday season. 

Southern Red Velvet  
Red velvet whoopie cake shells have a sweet rich chocolate taste with our sweet fluffy 
cream filling in the middle

Coconut Cake 
Moist coconut cake baked with pure creamy coconut milk filled with fluffy vanilla filling and sweet coconut flakes. 

Maple Cake 
A Real maple cake sandwich with a classic light fluffy cream filling. Is it appropriate to have these for breakfast? Yes it is.

Light, fluffy cream filling between two thick homemade oatmeal cakes. Add a cold glass of milk and you can take yourself back to childhood.  

I love fall, I love the colors of the changing leaves, I love the crisp air at night when you need another blanket on the bed and I love the anticipation of the Halloween season. Pumpkin cake with the aroma of cinnamon filled with rich cream filling is fall at its finest.  

Double Chocolate  
If the classic chocolate isn’t enough, this one will really satisfy your need for chocolate. Two chocolate whoopie cake shells with fluffy, sweet chocolate cream filling.

Sweet Potato 
Fall baking means pumpkin and apples and cinnamon scents are in the air. But before that I am more than happy to provide this wonderful southern staple, sweet potato! Light sweet potato cakes filled with a light creamy filling. We use the classic filling in the summer and the maple in the fall.  

Guiness® and Baileys Irish Cream® 
Chocolate Guiness® cakes with a creamy light Baileys Irish Cream® filling. If you are a leprechaun, feel free to dance a jig.
Two cake-like cookies with fluffy cream filling.  A sinful sandwich with everything that is great for your tastebuds.
Starting at $20.00 dozen